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Welcome your first visitor

Welcome to Hamilton Visitor

Hi there, we are glad to have you onboard!

Welcome to your visit dashboard, from here you will be able to see all your visits of the day.

Visit dashboard

But it's quite empty right now, right? Let's fix that by welcoming our first visitor!

Create your first visit

From the visit dashboard, click on the New visit button at the top-right of the screen. You will be redirected to the Plan a visit page.

Plan a visit page

Isn't that amazing? Now let's add a visitor to the visit. But wait... we don't have a visitor yet!

Add your first visitor

You can create new visitors without leaving the Plan a visit page. To do so, click on the field under Search a visitor and start typing your visitor name.

It looks like John is not registered yet

You can see that we don't have this visitor in our registry. To add a new visitor, press the Add Visitor button.

You will be displayed with an Add Visitor form. Start by filling in his first name, last name and email.

Add Visitor form

One other thing that we are missing right now is a Company for our visitor, so let's add one!

Add a company

Once you have entered the name of the company you wish to add, you can create it by simply pressing the Add company "..." button.

Then press the Add Visitor button to create your visitor.

Our new visitor has been added!

Your new visitor is then automatically added to your visit!

Pro-tip: Your visitor is someone special? Toggle that VIP flag next to his name to let your receptionist know!

Give more details to your visit

OK, now that we have our visitor, let's add a bit more details to our visit.

Time to add some details!

You can see that by default our visit is pre-filled with the following information:
Host: You
Start Date: current date
Start: current time
End: current time + 2 hours
Site: your active site (Headquarters is your default site when you create your trial)

Let's keep the start date to today to make things a bit easier for now!

Now let's select a visit type before we create our visit. You can choose between "Business" and "Personal".

Let's select a visit type

Now we should be all set. To create your visit, press the Create Visit button at the bottom of the page.

Press that Create Visit button

Congratulation! You have created your first visit and visitor! You should be automatically redirected to the Visit dashboard.

Visit dashboard with our first visit

Now let's take a look at how to transition a visit between states. Don't worry it's easier than it sounds!

Start your visit

Now that you have a visitor that is expected, he will probably arrive sooner or later. Let's say he is here and check him in!

To do so, click on that blue button at the left of the screen, just next to your visitor name.

Quick-action menu

You can see now that magnificent Check-in button. If you press on it, your visitor will be automatically Checked-in!

Our visitor has been checked-in

Now let's say that it's time for our visitor to leave, as he goes through the exit door, you can press that same button again that should now display Check-out.

Our visitor left

That's it! Never to be seen again, at least until his next visit!

And by the way, next time you won't need to enter his details again, he has been automatically added to your visitor registry!

Last but not least, you can access a visit details simply by pressing its table row.

Visit details

That's it for today!

To go further

There is so much more to explore in Hamilton Visitor but this should be enough to get you started. As per the saying:

Practice makes perfect!

If you want to learn more about the application, make sure to check the other categories of the Help Center. And remember, we are always here to help, so let us know if you need anything!

See you in Hamilton Visitor!

Updated on: 26/11/2021

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