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0.4.0 Portal improvements

Feature: Improve design of portal pages
Feature: Improve password reset flow
Feature: Update help links to redirect to the Help Center
Fix: Broken display of the login page when content doesn't fit in the modal
Fix: Removing the birth date of a visitor in the update form is not working
Fix: Incorrect behavior of status filters in the advanced options of the dashboard
Fix: Errors when sorting multiple columns in visitors and users' registries
Fix: Incorrect styling when removing a filter across the application
Fix: Increasing the visit start time beyond the visit end time doesn't trigger an error
Fix: Broken display of the user details when there is too many sites assigned to a user
Fix: Sorting of the date column in the dashboard displays data out of the selected time range
Fix: Incorrect fields in user details
Fix: Missing row action button for the user administration

0.3.0 Stabilization

Feature: Improve default sorting for lists
Feature: Application logo and title now act as a return to home button
Fix: Possibility to remove all sites of a user, resulting in broken behaviors
Fix: Internal server error 500 when duplicating an entity
Fix: Filters in the dashboard display data of other dates
Fix: "Today" still showing up next to the date picker when it's already the current date
Fix: Can't remove users and visitors from the visit creation form
Fix: Counters on the dashboard not updating when switching a visit status
Fix: Missing links for Privacy Policy and Terms of Service in the sign up page
Fix: Typo in the plan a visit and edit a visit forms
Fix: Broken pagination on administration site list
Fix: Broken behavior of the checkbox in the company filter of the user registry
Fix: Mock text still present in the application

0.2.0 Stabilization

Feature: New placeholder for empty tables
Fix: Update triggering an error when there is no change
Fix: Sign up for free trial not allowing long emails
Fix: Incorrect sender name for emails sent by the Identity Provider
Fix: Redirection issue on company creation/update
Fix: Links not displayed properly

0.1.0 Initial release


Known issues

Here is the list of known issues, these will be addressed in upcoming updates:

Sign up / Sign in
Users created in the application can't sign in
Passwords of more than 30 characters will prevent the account creation
Signing in is not possible from Safari
Resend action for the email verification is not working

Duplicate entries when using search in username, first name and last name filters

What's next

Email notifications for visitors and users
Authorization and rights management
Online billing and subscription
Kiosk tablet for self check-in
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